Monday, March 22, 2010


There comes a point in a person's life in which they have to choose which path to go. But what if a person wants to choose all the paths presented to him? What will he do? 

To all Bloggers and Internet readers out there I present to all of you. Divine Comedy inspired from Dante Alighieri's the famous Italian poem Divina Comedia. 

Somethings could never be broken such as desires. Desires is a powerful word which incorporates us in our daily lives. Directly or indirectly it governs us in all of the things that we do. Thats what I think from my perspective. I've been living this life like its all governed by desires. Reaper or not reaper that is the question. For I'am someone who is not ordinary but chooses to be ordinary. Can I continue this life I've chose or my destiny will follow and haunt me for the rest of my life. I could choose to let it haunt for the rest of my life while trying to live a normal life or choose to be a reaper while living a normal life. What is normal anyways? For me normal is something ordinary for me. But why is it that the things ordinary for me is unusual to them? Do that make them abnormal or do that make me abnormal? I'm so confuse. What should I do? I need to choose now. 

Ever since Dante and his family started living in their new home after leaving their old home they lived in for 25 yrs, the situation has changed. One by one he started discovering things he never knew existed in his family. He started to wonder why is it that neither of his brothers or sisters has no resemblance to him or to the fact that his parents have no resemblance to him? For all these years he realize something he should realize a long time ago. Maybe because of how their family look and act so normal that even the community didn't notice it? Then he started thinking what an absurd community I lived in. Like a dream world where everyone acts normal. Then he started thinking of all sorts of things such as zombies, alien abductions, and all sorts of those weird stuff. Maybe its all in his head?  or Maybe he is just stressed? 

For some point in time, he started having visions in his head which is uncommon. The fact that things appear on his head or in his vision then suddenly vanishes. He acts like weirdo or a stranger. He was called a freak because of the way he act. He acts according to what his perception tells him. Maybe because he is entering puberty? or Maybe he is just stressed?

Then he saw someone. With golden hair and eyes as blue as the eternal sky. He is quickly in loved. He is lucky for the woman like him too. So he's life isn't weird after all? or is it? Its okay to be in love as long as you hold you're ground and set you're limitations. But destiny is cruel for the woman will be going away and never comeback for her family has migrated to a better place. He is happy because if you love someone you let her go and live her life. You let her go not because you don't love her but because you know what is best for her. You knew that she will be happy in the end and even though its only an assumption that she will be happy in the end and sad in the present time, at least her overall life would be better. Its for the greater good for both of them or is it? 

Then at the end of the day he retires. Draping himself with warm sheets he fell asleep as easily as he lay in bed. Then he wake up to a world of inferno and screams, then he saw her staring blankly in his eyes w/o a single spark of emotion. He speak to her and was worried, why do you look at me like that? Then he realized that he is in HELL.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

SUMMER: I'm here again!!

Summer again!!!
What a good way to spend summer in a classroom attending summer classes. Duh!? The only good thing about summer classes is having you're lunch money. For many people summer is a combination of many moods and expressions. Summer doesn't always bring happiness, especially in a country where I live in.... 

For people who don't have money to spend, summer vacation is just waiting for "something" to happen. You don't really do much except to sleep, eat and watch t.v for the next 2 months. That's why they wait for something to happen such as a sudden rain or a summer family outing etc. Actually there are so many activities you can do in summer even without money. You can do a kite and fly it or visit  mango tree if you're living in a rural area and pick some fruits. The main problem in summer nowadays is the fact that the heat is too much. That's why people tend to stay in the house all summer long.

For people who do have money, well there is no problem at all. You can visit the mall any time you want. Go to an amusement park or have a trip with friends to high level tourist spots. For me you can really enjoy summer if you have the money and having no summer class.

For people who have summer classes, you can still enjoy summer because of you're lunch money. Its a combination of both happy and bored moments. Happy because you have money but Sad because you have to study in the summer. The worst part is that the rest of you're family is having a blast in some resort while you either attending classes or in the resort studying because you have an incoming quiz. Bummer!!

Anyways, whatever situation you may be this summer the fact is that people like summer and we enjoy it every year.  
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Saturday, March 6, 2010

My personal tips in cosplaying

Even though I'am new in cosplaying. I know if the person is fit to cosplay such anime. After all you're cosplaying to look good in the cameras and if the camera doesn't like you well to bad. One must consider the following when cosplaying:

1. The anime or character you wish to cosplay.
2. You're alloted budget.
3. You're looks
4. The event you're attending to.
5. You're attitude.

In number 1 you need to know who will be you're character. The more resemblance the better. In my picture over here I portray as Archer from Fate Stay Night. As you can see here wears as sort of blood red color. with black tight undershirt. For first time cosplayers, bear in mind that you really don't have to look like the anime character. After all some anime have over exaggerations on their looks. You just have to look significant to the one you are portraying. As you can see having hair that is all white is very uncommon, and with the fact that the character is not old enough to have all is hair to be white.

In number 2 is you're alloted budget. For those who want to have an impression, then you should allot a huge budget for you're costume. For those who want to experience cosplaying but don't have that big budget (like me) then improvised. You don't have to use the same material you're character use on his/her apparel. You just need a spark of creativity. For example is my characters weapons which wields a double blade. We use various materials such as illustration board and styrofoam and of course coloring equipment. The trick is practicality. Choose characters who wear pants that you can wear on a normal occasion. For those who have big budgets for there costumes and want to make an impression, then go to you're nearest plastic surgeon and arrange you're face to look like the one you're about to cosplay.

In number 3 is you're looks. It's somehow similar to number 1 but on my own perspective its a different thing to consider. Lets face it, one of the reasons why a person cosplays is that they want to look good portraying there favorite characters.  For cosplayers the most common activity in cosplaying is taking pictures. A cosplay would not be a cosplay without taking pictures. You literally spent hours in the event just by taking pictures of fellow cosplayers and of course people would also take pictures of you. I noticed that the more extravagant you're costume or the more beautiful or handsome you look in the costume, you are more likely to be mugged on taking pictures of you. So people who are well aware that they are good looking is more likely to be a successful cosplayer than those who are not. But of course one has to consider the likelihood of the cosplayer and the character they portray. After all not all anime characters are good looking and some even wear masks. Others are monsters and creatures so there is still more room for cosplay glory besides the usual good looks.

In number 4 one has to consider the event to attend to. Pinpointing date of events in the calendar is very helpful. Knowing the event is also important. You don't want to attend a Inu Yasha cosplay event cosplaying a non Inu Yasha character. The date, time and venue is crucial. Being early for the event is better than being late for the event.

Last but not the least is attitude. Cosplaying is portraying you're chosen character, so watching anime is helpful in portraying the overall look and feel of the character chosen. Cosplayers study the mannerisms and behaviors of their chosen characters and even the way they speak and act is being studied. L from the anime is a good example. Many cosplayers portray L because of his weird mannerism who always wants to crouch and walks like a hunched back w/ a strong obsession to anything that is sweet. Also one has to remember to be kind. If you cosplay, strangers want to take pictures of you, so you need to be kind and always wear a smile w/ a pinch of thank you on top. 

So I hope that my Tips in cosplaying will help you out. I'am open for any suggestions and comments about my current blog (because my older ones suck). Feel free to take pictures from my other blog with this link right here.

Until next time. Thank you.

Friday, January 8, 2010

My blog is on the process of approval and to all bloggers and readers out there please bear with me and my blogs. I promise that my blog will be improved as time passes. Thank you to all visitors of my blog and alike.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Greetings anime fans this is my new and improved blog with all links and searches of anime niches.

The Christmas Toycon 2009
Its a fun filled event full of anime niches you could possibly find. If its you're first time to experience an event then you will be awed with all the lovely cosplayers who dazzle with their costumes. The funny thing is that everyone wants to take a picture with you if you are a cosplayer yourself. The event includes an anime items auction, cosplayer's catwalk and cosplayers parade. If you are an anime fanatic be sure to attend the next event coming near you. See you there.

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